Medical Assistant Careers: Phlebotomist

A phlebotomist is one who draws blood from the veins of patients for sampling or collection. Being a key part of the medical assistant team, he belongs to the medical profession, so to speak. His primary duties include blood taking, proper handling of human blood, and precisely cataloging blood samples for laboratory testing. Those are just the basic responsibilities of a phlebotomist. Although it may seem like a simple wayfaring in the world of health care, there is actually more to it than it is sometimes described.

Just as doctors and nurses put in mind the best for their patients, so do phlebotomists in terms of carefulness in drawing blood. They see to it that the patients aren’t harmed or don’t feel pain while undergoing the process. They make sure the blood is taken correctly or else the sampling would be useless. Doctors’ orders and directions should be followed at all times as well. Doing anything rash and outside the doctor’s mandates may result to termination.

One other responsibility is to make sure the blood samples reach the right laboratory. They are in charge of the transportation of the samples from where they were taken to the laboratory site. Knowing when and where the fluid samples are needed is very important. In some cases, attending medical professionals would authorize the phlebotomist to perform simple blood processes under their supervision. It is always best to have knowledge of the blood sampling systems so it could be a help in such situations.

Because of the nature of the job, a phlebotomist is prone to blood borne diseases. The level of cautionary measures they use at work should also be with regards to their own safety. Since they are directly exposed to the blood samples they draw on a regular basis, they are at a high risk of taking in contaminants. It is their responsibility to stay safe and take extra care while at work.